“WELL • BEING” Public Housing Well-being Journey

Our life is full of wonders and joy, yet it presents a lot of challenges too. How might we use design to enhance the sense of well-being of public housing residents and create a happier place for them?

In search of the answer, Housing Bureau has assembled a professional team, including architects, designers, scholars and researchers who put listening to the center of their research. Through “design-thinking” and “participatory design” processes, they will engage with and listen to the needs of public housing residents to enhance their well-being in the public estates. Through the aspects of living, design and neighborhood, the team will work collaboratively with residents to build a well-being community for public housing developments.

Enhancing the Well-being of Public Housing Residents

Along with the goals of “Enhancing Quantity, Speed, Efficiency and Quality” of public housing supply, we have created a series of “WELL • BEING” projects with the aim of fostering the well-being of residents living in public housing